May’s Network Failure

So, Theresa May won the Vote of Confidence called against her last night, somewhat unsurprisingly perhaps. But should she have been in the position where it was called in the first place?


Burst Your Bubble: Get Out and Meet People Not Like You

Do you have a network that will challenge you and offer new perspectives?

A-Z of Networking

The A-Z of Networking. S is for… (part two)

What so many people and businesses have traditionally lacked when it comes to networking, and why I have...


Dear, I’m sure you’ll find this blog of interest…

Despite the advent of the GDPR regulations, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of mass messaging (aka spam) sent through LinkedIn in recent months.


The Power of Being Yourself

In the current economic climate, many companies have tight budgets and need to assess how to improve their network.

Mental Health

Making the Question ‘How Are You?’ Really Count

"Rather than the usual superficial trading of updates on our business, we had a much more meaningful conversation and, I'd like to think, connected on a deeper level."


Move from the Language of ‘Me’ and ‘We’ to the Language of ‘You’

Why are we still stuck talking about ourselves? Open most websites and you immediately see an 'About Us' page on the…


7 Reasons Not to Accept LinkedIn Connection Requests from Strangers

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I'm not an 'open networker'. For me the depth of my network is more important than its breadth.