What’s Your Mindset?

How you engage with new connections can make a big difference to how strongly you develop a relationship. And it all comes down to your mindset.

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How to Get a Ride on a Superyacht

You might be only a phone call away from hitching a lift with Roman Abramovich - but you need to be willing to ask.

Professional Relationships

Should Conversations About Football be Banned?

Chartered Management Institute head Ann Francke thinks that conversations about football at work leave women feeling left out and should be curtailed. Is she right?


Interview: How to Build Professional Relationships to Increase Profits

I was interviewed by Camilita Nuttall just before Christmas and really enjoyed the experience. I even enjoyed listening back to the interview when it was released on her podcast recently - and I don't always say that. You can listen here or download it on your podcast provider.

Professional Relationships

Why You Should Surround Yourself with ‘Weirdos’​

The front page of this morning's Times makes for interesting reading. According to the article, "The prime minister's chief adviser has appealed for 'weirdos and misfits' to come to work with him in 10 Downing Street".

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Shifting Position

You might know me as "Mr. Network". Here's why I'd like that to change...


Just Ask Workshop Review

 I am indebted to Gina Lazenby for this detailed review of my recent 'Just Ask' workshop.

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Bursting the Bubble – the Importance of Diverse Thought

It's time we got out of our bubbles.