Organisational Siloes

Why You Might Need to Look Close to Home When Building Professional Relationships

It's very important for leaders to develop a strong network across a range of stakeholder groups, from clients to suppliers to senior colleagues and more. But are you in danger of missing the most important relationships? The ones closest to home.

Just Ask

Just Ask – Business Independent Book Review

The Business Independent published this review of 'Just Ask'

Current Affairs

Networking in the New Normal

My recent column for The Business Independent in which I look at how networking will adapt as we return to a more normal way of life post pandemic.


Inspiring Hearts and Engaging Minds

Helping young people with muscular dystrophy find the skills and confidence to secure work.

A-Z of Mentoring

The A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. F is for… (part two)

Professional Relationships

How Can Strong Relationships Help You to Win Competitive Tenders?

Andy Woodfield of PwC explains how his strong network makes his life easier when it comes to identifying and winning competitive tenders.


Four Simple Ways to Connect with Strangers on LinkedIn

If you want to reach out to someone you don't know on LinkedIn, how do you maximise your chances of them accepting your connection request?


How to Bounce Back from a Poor Customer Experience

How you respond to unhappy customers is key to the relationship you maintain with them, your chances to engage them in further business and, potentially, have them recommend and refer you.