Benefits at a glance

With 20 years in the business networking and professional relationships field, Andy provides you with a top-level view of how being more strategic in your approach to developing connections can help you achieve your business or personal goals.

His advice has been sought by a premium client list, packed with names you’d recognise. This means he has a wealth of experience and credibility that you can draw on.

Who he can help

Andy’s clients are predominantly larger SMEs and multi-nationals around the world. For example, he has many clients and strong networks in countries including UK, Far East and Scandinavia.

While Andy’s strategic relationship ideas can benefit anybody, anywhere, and in any sector, he has built specific expertise in industry niches including pharmaceuticals and medical products, financial and professional services, and corporate women’s networks.

Those are just a few examples, so don’t worry if your own industry or location isn’t listed. If there’s a fit, Andy will travel wherever you are.

What’s more, he’s renowned for the level of preparation he does to tailor his content to suit your audience. So, even if he hasn’t worked in your specific sector before, you can be assured he’ll do the research, devise a bespoke offering, and deliver a result that works for you.


A key focus for Andy is his work with senior and aspiring executives, for whom professional relationships underpin everything they seek to achieve. It can be a lonely role leading a team, a division or an organisation and having strong, trusted relationships with people from outside the bubble can be a major asset in terms of support and accessing new ideas and solutions. Andy works with his clients and brings them together to help them to develop those relationships.

The numbers speak
for themselves
21 years of expertise in
business networking
26 countries so far,
and counting
100+ testimonials from
delighted clients

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