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Andy Lopata is an acclaimed professional relationships strategist, who has worked with global clients including Paypal, GlaxoSmithKline and Brother.

He has written five books on networking and professional relationships, with his sixth book, ‘The Financial Times Guide to Mentoring’ being published in 2024. He writes a regular blog for Psychology Today and has often been quoted in the media, including The Sunday Times, The Financial Times and Inc. In fact, the FT called Andy ‘one of Europe’s leading business networking strategists’ and both Forbes.com and The Independent called him ‘a true master of networking’.

Andy holds the PSAE award – that’s the UK’s top award designed to recognise excellence in professional speaking. He is a two-time Board Member and former President of the Fellows Community of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) UK and Ireland. He’s also a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), a Master of the Institute of Sales Management and a member of the Meetings Industry Association and Association of Business Mentors.

He started working in networking in 1999, and spent eight years as Managing Director of a UK networking organisation that had over 2,000 member companies.

Andy’s approach to building professional relationships is about being a whole, authentic person. That covers sharing social information as well as professional. So here’s where you can get to know him a little better…

Outside work, Andy is an avid fan of Charlton Athletic Football Club – although he describes this as a “dubious pleasure”. He also follows other sports, including athletics, tennis, rugby union and cricket.

He also loves music. After growing up listening to The Doors, Hendrix, Lou Reed and Bowie, today his tastes range from classical to punk with everything in between. “Except Coldplay,” he stresses.

As well as attending sporting events and live music gigs, Andy often goes to the theatre and cinema.

At home, he has a passion for cooking, and claims to make a “mean chocolate truffle torte”.


    Andy, thanks again for making our Balance HK event a huge success. The audience gave you their undivided attention and you could hear a pin drop when you were speaking. I have never witnessed that before, with a room of 170+ people!

    I worked with Andy at our recent internal Sales Conference in Barcelona. We face the challenge of extending our network, both internally within our own company but also within our client organisations and generating business through referrals.

    Andy came highly recommended from other industry experts and guest speakers and from the first phone call he has been great to do with business with.

    Andy is an expert public speaker – engaging, clearly delivering key messaging and interactive throughout. What most impressed me about Andy is his preparation and attention to detail both before and after the event. Andy offered a tailored approach, aligning his experience and advice based on the needs of Brother.

    I would certainly endorse Andy as someone who is easy to work with, very professional and personable, and ultimately someone that delivers results.

    As an international speaker on the topic of LinkedIn, I often have the privilege of sharing the stage with amazing Speakers. Business networking and referral marketing have always been a key part of my strategy for building my own business and are topics very close to my heart.

    I introduced Andy to one of my corporate clients to deliver a keynote on the subject of referrals, and he did not disappoint! His delivery to a multilingual audience, from over 20 countries in Barcelona was well paced and easy to understand. His topic and steps to achieving success in the area of referrals through your network were well delivered, inspiring and highly practical.

    In addition to being a GREAT speaker, Andy walks the talk, he lives and breathes his subject. He is a genuinely lovely individual, highly knowledgeable and someone that I am learning a great deal from, both on stage and off. Andy is highly professional and the feedback from my client was fantastic. Thanks for making me look great Andy, and for delivering exactly what my client was looking for.

    Maggie Suttie, Chair Balance Network, - HSBC Hong Kong

    Stephen Dickenson, Commercial Manager - Brother International Europe

    Sam Rathling, LinkedIn Expert, CEO - Linked Inbound

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