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Connecting is not enough

Professional relationships underpin so much in terms of business and career success. Our contacts can provide us with support, insight, advocacy and opportunities. Yet so few people or businesses really focus on how to build, nurture or leverage their relationships.

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Whether you are responsible for business development, bringing on talent, arranging a sales conference or running a networking event, Andy will help you to make professional relationships count. Whether you want to generate referrals, leverage your contacts, break down silos, do your job more effectively or boost your career, relationships matter.

When you get most of your customers through word-of-mouth marketing, it makes sense to have a proper referral strategy in place.

If you want to give and receive support from people you know, you need to develop your strategic networking.
And, if you’re growing your network online, you need to know how to get the best out of social media.

With two decades of networking experience, Andy Lopata will show you the way.


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    Andy, thanks again for making our Balance HK event a huge success. The audience gave you their undivided attention and you could hear a pin drop when you were speaking. I have never witnessed that before, with a room of 170+ people!

    Andy is an expert public speaker – engaging, clearly delivering key messaging and interactive throughout. What most impressed me about Andy is his preparation and attention to detail both before and after the event. Andy offered a tailored approach, aligning his experience and advice based on the needs of Brother.

    I introduced Andy to one of my corporate clients to deliver a keynote on the subject of referrals, and he did not disappoint! His delivery to a multilingual audience, from over 20 countries in Barcelona was well paced and easy to understand. His topic and steps to achieving success in the area of referrals through your network were well delivered, inspiring and highly practical.

    Maggie Suttie, Chair Balance Network - HSBC Hong Kong

    Stephen Dickenson, Commercial Manager - Brother International Europe

    Sam Rathling, LinkedIn Expert & CEO - Linked Inbound