Professional Relationships

Why You Should Surround Yourself with ‘Weirdos’​

The front page of this morning's Times makes for interesting reading. According to the article, "The prime minister's chief adviser has appealed for 'weirdos and misfits' to come to work with him in 10 Downing Street".

Professional Relationships

Shifting Position

You might know me as "Mr. Network". Here's why I'd like that to change...


Just Ask Workshop Review

 I am indebted to Gina Lazenby for this detailed review of my recent 'Just Ask' workshop.

Asking for Support

Bursting the Bubble – the Importance of Diverse Thought

It's time we got out of our bubbles.

Career Advice

The Reluctant Networker Lands a Plum Job

How having the right conversations helped one person to identify where to find a new job and then land that job.


How Do You Manage Your Network and Identify How to Build It?

Networks are not measured just in numbers.


Feeling Nervous? You’re Not the Only One – Yet You May Be the Only One Who Knows

My heart was pumping at such a pace that I was getting sharp, insistent pins and needles in my hands, arms, legs and who knows where else.


May’s Network Failure

So, Theresa May won the Vote of Confidence called against her last night, somewhat unsurprisingly perhaps. But should she have been in the position where it was called in the first place?