What we can learn from a run on toilet paper

With Covid-19 causing huge uncertainty in business, how can business owners of all sizes best respond to the sudden impact to all of their plans?

A-Z of Mentoring

The A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. C is for… (part one)

C is for... Courage Being courageous will ensure that you maximise the support on offer to you. There are so many ways that fear can impact our ability to ask for help - we are frightened of being judged, of looking bad, of letting our guard down and of being let down.  So make sure that you surround yourselves with people you can trust and have the courage to take risks. Measure those risks of course and be thoughtful in the way you do so, but don't let fear stand in your way. 


What’s Your Mindset?

How you engage with new connections can make a big difference to how strongly you develop a relationship. And it all comes down to your mindset.

Asking for Support

How to Get a Ride on a Superyacht

You might be only a phone call away from hitching a lift with Roman Abramovich - but you need to be willing to ask.

A-Z of Mentoring

The A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. B is for…

B is for... Brave and Bold Both as someone seeking help and support and the person offering it, we need to put insecurities and concerns to one side and let people in. Don't worry about what the other person thinks of you (just make sure you are with someone who you can trust), being brave and bold (and perhaps even ballsy!) in asking and answering questions will lead to much more powerful answers. 

Professional Relationships

Should Conversations About Football be Banned?

Chartered Management Institute head Ann Francke thinks that conversations about football at work leave women feeling left out and should be curtailed. Is she right?

A-Z of Mentoring

The A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. A is for… (Part 2)

A is for... Accountability Good intentions are one thing but they often fall by the wayside when it comes to putting new ideas and commitments into practice. A strong mentor or mastermind group should be there not just to point you in the right direction but also to keep you on course and encourage you to keep going. Accountability for commitments made in previous sessions should be part of every agenda.


Interview: How to Build Professional Relationships to Increase Profits

I was interviewed by Camilita Nuttall just before Christmas and really enjoyed the experience. I even enjoyed listening back to the interview when it was released on her podcast recently - and I don't always say that. You can listen here or download it on your podcast provider.