The Connected Leadership Podcast: Luca Signoretti and Andy Lopata. Episode 65

In this month’s discussion Luca Signoretti and Andy Lopata consider the question of where to network, where do we meet people in a virtual world?

Social audio has become very popular including outlets such as Clubhouse, Twitter Space and Instagram. Luca recommends leveraging your current network to meet new people. But it is essential that you are strategic and targeted in your approach.

For those who do not have a strong network, Luca and Andy discuss the tools that can be used, including LinkedIn and asking for help from personal networks.

It is essential that you know who you want to meet and why you want the connection. In a normal environment, use your strategy to select your networking events and focus on building the relationship first.

“It doesn’t help if you know how to work a room, but you don’t know why you are there in the first place”

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