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Professional relationships strategist and author of ‘Connected Leadership’ Andy Lopata is joined by guests from business leaders, through subject matter experts to sports stars and more as they discuss the role that networks and professional relationships play in leadership success.

The perfect listen for business leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions, Andy and his guests discuss key topics relevant to career and leadership success including mentoring, managing teams, the power of storytelling and communicating effectively to develop relationships, vulnerability and asking for help, how technology impacts leadership, scaling businesses and much more.

Each week two episodes are published. On Mondays there is a full interview and then on Thursday Andy’s guests share their own relationship stories and favourite resources in a shorter episode.

Once a month, Andy is joined by Italian leadership expert Luca Signoretti, to discuss different approaches to developing professional relationships for business leaders.

Episode 66. Ask Andy: Scars and Wound‪s‬ (click to listen)

Andy Lopata tackles questions on vulnerability, sharing and dealing with those who might use this information to their own advantage. Trust, risk, diverse set of solutions and safe bubbles are looked at in this episode of the Connected Leadership Podcast.

Episode 65. The Connected Leadership Podcast: Luca Signoretti and Andy Lopata. (click to listen)

In their regular monthly conversation, Andy Lopata and Luca Signoretti discuss the problem of networking when you can’t meet people at events. Leveraging your own network and using the tools available both familiar such as LinkedIn and the new social audio platforms. They stress the importance of targeting connections and having a networking strategy. Show notes can be seen here.

Episode 64. Professional Relationships and Favourite Resources with Liana Chaouli (click to listen)

Continuing their conversation, Andy Lopata and Liana Chaouli discuss the professional relationships that have supported her on her journey and some of the resources she has enjoyed and recommends. Their conversation also touches on self-esteem, humanity, vulnerability and the importance of being prepared to admit your own mistakes and take responsibility for them. Show notes can be seen here

Episode 63. Can you wardrobe  impact your ability to connect with people? (click to listen)

Andy Lopata and Liana Chaouli discuss image therapy in this edition of the Connected Leadership Podcast. Liana sees authenticity as important in the pursuit of success. Clothing is a frame or platter and should be in harmony with who you truly are, not armour to make yourself invisible. By admitting our vulnerability we can let go of the armour. Feeling good about yourself makes it easier to engage and connect with other people. Show notes can be seen here

Episode 62. Executive Loneliness 2 (click to listen)

Andy Lopata and Nick Jonsson continue their discussion about executive loneliness. Nick shares his views on the importance of positive professional relationships and how he encourages his colleagues and contacts to have a plan and a strategy when meeting people. Relationships should not be developed if they are formed on the wrong basis. Nick recommends books that have influenced his journey. Show notes can be seen here

Episode 61. Executive Loneliness (click to listen)

And Lopata and Nick Jonsson discuss leadership problems for senior executives who are unable to share challenges and their vulnerability within their company. A survey showed that this is a general problem and is explored in his book, ‘Executive Loneliness’. Nick also suggests ways to get support and feel safe to share with others. Show notes can be seen here

Episode 60. Professional Relationships with Anna Parker Naple‪s‬ (click to listen)

In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast, Anna Parker Naples talks about the professional relationships that influenced her career and why some relationships don’t work. She recommends her favourite books and the importance of developing discipline strategies when writing her books. Show notes can be seen here

Episode 59. Boosting Your Visibility: Anna Parker Naple‪s‬‬ (click to listen)

Andy Lopata and Anna Parker Naples discuss the phenomenal growth of podcasting and its relevance for leaders in boosting their visibility and creating connections. They also talk about the importance of accepting your vulnerability and sharing. Anna shares her podcast top tips. Show notes can be seen here

Episode 58. Cookbooks to Corporates: Rebecca Seal. (click to listen)

Following his first interview with journalist, television presenter, food writer and critic, Rebecca Seal, Andy Lopata asks Rebecca about the impact of professional relationships on her career. Show notes can be seen here

Episode 57. Professional Relationships for the Solo Worker: Rebecca Seal. (click to listen)

In a fascinating conversation with Rebecca Seal, journalist, food critic and author of ‘Solo – How to Work Alone and Not Lose Your Mind’, Andy Lopata explores with Rebecca how to cope with the psychological difficulties of being by yourself.  Show notes can be seen here

Episode 3. Balancing Individual Excellence within High Performing Teams with Goldie Sayers (click to listen)

In this show Andy interviews Goldie Sayers. Goldie was a  professional athlete for over a decade, competing in the javelin for Great Britain at three Olympic Games and captaining the British team at the European Championships. In this show Goldie shares her experience as a business coach, her transition from athletics to the business world, and how to bring together a team of exceptional individual talents, steeped in competition together into a team.

Episode 2. The role of mentoring in leadership and organisations with Kerrie Dorman and Vanessa Vallely OBE (click to listen)

In this show Andy Lopata interviews Kerrie Dorman (founder of the Association of Business Mentors and awarded the ‘People’s Mentoring Champion’ 2019) and Vanessa Vallely OBE (International Motivational Speaker and Managing Director of WeAreTheCity) for the Connected Leadership podcast on the importance of mentoring for individuals, leaders and large organisations.

Episode 1: The Role of Networks in the Wellbeing of an Organisation with Geoff McDonald and Perry Burton (click to listen)

In this show Andy Lopata interviews Perry Burton, Head of People and Culture at Grant Thornton UK and Geoff McDonald, mental health campaigner, TedX Speaker and former Global VP of HR at Unilever for the Connected Leadership podcast on the importance of vulnerability and transparency in large organisations.