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It was a pleasure to meet a number of you at the event on 13th May as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. I hope that you found my presentation helpful and motivating. As promised, here are a few additional resources to support your journey going forward.

If you missed it, or just want a refresher, here’s the full video for you.

Here is a summary of your responses to the questions I posed during the presentation.

You can test your current ability to ask for help using the ‘Support Scorecard’ here. The test should take less than five minutes and will give you some insights into where you can change your current approach to sharing with others.

The tips book on mastermind groups I mentioned can be downloaded here –  Mastermind Groups – Lopata.

I also promised to share some of my resources around mentoring. You can see some videos about mentoring on my YouTube channel here. 

We are supporting the mental health charity My Black Dog.

While you’re here, please feel free to look around the site and check on the various resources available to support you in developing your professional relationships. Scroll to the foot of the Home Page to subscribe to my three-weekly e-zine, including the A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. You might particularly be interested in:

The Connected Leadership Podcast Archive (the interview with Perry Burton is episode 1)

Blog – Vulnerability Through Strength

Other resources mentioned in my talk:

Broke but not Broken blog by Stephen Houghton-Burnett

Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed

Dare to Lead (one of several excellent books on the topic by Brené Brown)

The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown TED Talk 


Finally, if you didn’t receive a free copy with your registration, you can purchase your copy of my new book Just Ask here.