The A-Z of Networking. R is for… (Part 2)

Everything you do while networking should be respectful of others. From how you approach conversations with strangers, through being ‘in the room’ when engaging in conversation, to following up as promised.

Relationships are built when people feel that you have their interests at heart. That starts with showing respect.

Is remembering names the biggest challenge facing people at networking events? It’s up there!

A couple of quick tips to help recall. Repeat people’s names two or three times when they introduce themselves to embed it in your memory, looking at it written on their name badge or business card at the same time if possible.

And before an event have a look both at who will be there and who you met at the same place last time. People are easier to remember when you see them in the same environment or context as before.

R is also for…

Reply to people’s invitations, let them know what’s happened with introductions they’ve made, keep them up to date on what you’re up to.

Find something in common with people you meet, it will be so much easier to develop a strong rapport with them.

Develop strong habits around your networking and interactions to embed and reinforce the right behaviour.

Be yourself in all situations. People will soon find out if you are inauthentic.

Take responsibility for your own success, you can’t rely on others. Don’t wait for people to help or refer you…ask.

Whether it’s approaching a group of strangers at an event or asking for help from an established contact, you sometimes have to make yourself uncomfortable.

Enjoy yourself, you’ll be so much more engaging and people will want to spend time with you.

Enjoy the richness networking relationships can offer you. It’s not just a strategy for your business or career, strong networks can add to the quality of your life.

As ever I was inundated with suggestions on Facebook, making this another two-parter.
Thanks go to Michael Birchmore, Roger Vanstone, Liz Sorton, Rhiannon Evans, Ian Steel, Laurence Lowne, Russel Joyce, Jo Parfitt, Mark Lee, Kapil Kapur, Andrew Bernard, Maurice Watts, Vanessa Vallely, John Jameson, Mike Briercliffe, Chris Davidson, Lesley Morrisey, Shelley Jenner, Debbie Tarrier, Sheena Walker, Heather Waring, Su Butcher, Charlotte Graham-Cumming, Iva Nedelcheva, Prith Biant, Jarina Choudhury, Lesley Everett, Elaine Heyworth, Martin Goodyer, Renee Rosenburg, Eithne Treanor and Rory Woolridge.

Look out for a bonus 3rd part next time out as Tanya Wheway has sent through her own contribution in full.