The A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. F is for… (part one)

F is for…


Without a clear focus on what you are looking to achieve and what your key priorities are, you will struggle to achieve anywhere close to the potential a strong mentoring or masterminding relationship can offer you.

Similarly, when you ask for help from your wider network, it’s important to focus your question or ‘ask’ to best equip people to lend you that support.


Ian Steel writes, ‘Fear of asking for help, fear of showing yourself up – whether to your mentor or your peers. Wondering, indeed fearing, how your ask will impact on your credibility.’

And, of course, a lack of Fear can lead to Fearlessness – both from the mentor who should not fear asking tough questions, and the mentee, who should not fear answering them.

F is also for…

Fostering Friendships

The more you open up to others, the closer and more authentic your relationships can become.


Solveig Malvik stresses that you might find a community or support team. It doesn’t necessarily mean you become friends but that fellowship is powerful.


Be clear to distinguish between fact and opinion when deciding on your route forward.


Social media is a powerful tool to ask for help if used in a considered way.


Meetings don’t always need to be serious. Having fun with the people who support you can help to break down barriers.


Be wary of going into meetings with fixed opinions or desired outcomes. Be flexible and you’ll allow creative solutions to break through.

There was a tremendous response to my request for contributions for the letter F, so there are two more instalments to follow. And I still haven’t been able to include every suggestion!

Thanks to Sajna Rahman, Vanessa Vallely, Franco Milazzo, Catherine Dann, Ian Steel, Lynda Shaw, Matt Collins, Celynn Erasmus, Solveig Malvik, Sam Rathling, Nigel Risner, Philippa Bowen, David Marks, Jay Allyson, Fiona Stevenson, Kym Hamer, Clare Bailey, Gina Carr, David Price, Derek Woolley, Paul Brown, Jacqui Byland, Susan Heaton Wright, Rhiannon Evans, Jonathan Carroll, AnnMarie Graham, Stuart Swindell, Deborah Henley, Arvind Devalia, Gordon Tredgold, Guy Clapperton, Erini Rodis, Michael Birchmore, David Hyner, Bal Nanray, Tim Guest, Ana Mariano and Anne Kiely for your suggestions