The A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. C is for… (part one)

C is for…


Being courageous will ensure that you maximise the support on offer to you. There are so many ways that fear can impact our ability to ask for help – we are frightened of being judged, of looking bad, of letting our guard down and of being let down.

So make sure that you surround yourselves with people you can trust and have the courage to take risks. Measure those risks of course and be thoughtful in the way you do so, but don’t let fear stand in your way.

Clarity of Communication and Context

For people to help you effectively they need to fully understand the support you are looking for and the context in which challenges arise. Make sure that your mentors and supporters have the full picture and are in a position to give informed advice.

If you fail to be clear you only have yourself to blame if the solutions suggested are flawed.

C is also for…

Connection, Congruence and Chemistry

There should always be a place to take advice from people who you don’t gel with, but a strong rapport will almost always lead to a much more supportive long-term relationship.


Weigh up the advice you have been given and ask yourself how compelling it is.

Celebrating Success

Jackie Barrie urges you to make sure you “thank people when their assistance has helped you”. Easily forgotten and yet so important.

Continuity and Consistency

If you have a mentoring relationship or mastermind group in place, keep it going, maintain regular meetings and don’t let the momentum flag.


Build deep relationships with the people you support and with those who support you. If you truly care for each other your advice will mean so much more.

Consideration and Caution

Ultimately it is your career or business and you who will benefit or suffer from the impact of your actions.  Don’t take advice at face value, assess it carefully before deciding on your next steps.

Many thanks to the multitudes of people who responded to my request for input. We received so many suggestions this month that even two instalments represent just half of the contributions!

Your Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help ‘C’s came from…

Rhiannon Evans, Hilary Rowland, Dean Walters, Michael Jackson, Matt Pritchard, Jon Whitfield, Juliet Reynolds, Nicola Troubridge Lane, Lee Warren, Jackie Barrie, Claire Boyles, Ruth Phillips, Lesley Morrissey, Ian Steel, Katrina Sargeant, Clare Bailey, Renee Binyon, Neil Fairbrother, Paul Brown, Jacqui Byland, Guy Clapperton and Chantal Cornelius

Part Two is coming in the next edition of Connecting is not Enough.