The A-Z of Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help. A is for… (Part 1)

A is for…


A simple place to begin…if you don’t ask, you don’t get. When we are struggling to find the right answers it’s easy to assume that everyone around us understands and will step in to help but, even in a close relationship or with a mentor, our challenges aren’t always clearly visible to others. We need to articulate them clearly to let people in.


When we turn to our mentors for advice, that is exactly what they will give us. It is not instruction, by asking for support we are not divesting ourselves of responsibility for our actions. Listen to the advice offered to you, weigh it up (sometimes from more than one source) and then decide on the course of action that you are most comfortable with.

A is also for…

Attitude and Approach

Be willing to listen and drop all defensive instincts. Remember, even if you don’t agree, people are trying to help you and you don’t know all of the answers.


Business is tough and we need all of the support we can get. You have that support around you, recognise that and let others in.


Surround yourself with and learn from people who have already achieved what you aspire to do.


Understand your own ability and limitations and find people who have mastered areas in which you struggle. If you can support their limitations in turn, you have the making of a good co-mentoring relationship or the start of a mastermind group.


Listen to the advice people offer you and process it fully before responding. Don’t assume you know what people are going to say, let them really help you.


Good mentors can also make good advocates. As they know more about you and what you are seeking to achieve, they can recognise opportunities to promote and introduce you.

Many thanks to the multitudes of people who responded to my request for input. There are more ‘A’s to come and this response is a great sign for the rest of the series. Your Mentoring, Masterminding and Asking for Help ‘A’s came from…

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