Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs


Written by “three good eggs” this is a book that really does bring home the bacon!

Co-authored by Terence O'Halloran and Stephen Harvard Davis.


Using the Personal Computer as a metaphor each ‘connection’, with a printer, a scanner and so on, improves the working capacity and efficiency of the machine.

So it is with people. The authors – Steve, Andy and Terry all use the principal of networking (as with computers) in a variety of very different ways to suit individual needs but, improve the capacity and efficiency of the people in any group using the defining logic expressed in this book.

This is a definitive work – there is no doubting the authority of those that put it together.Improve your bottom line, your working knowledge, your interaction with other business people by using this very effective guide to how its done – and enjoy the meal in the process.

That is the message that clearly comes from Building a Business on Bacon & Eggs. You would have to be pretty ‘hard boiled’ not to find it an entertaining and profitable read!