On three separate calls today people told me that they didn’t think that it was right to be selling to clients right now. I couldn’t disagree more.

Many of us are in a tremendous state of uncertainty. In my industry, which revolves around live events, an entire revenue stream has disappeared overnight. For some, that’s their only revenue stream.

Business needs to survive this period, I don’t think anyone would argue with that. And business survives by providing customers with something that they want or need.

If people don’t want, need or are unable to consume what we offer at present (such as live presentations or in-person training), we need to adapt and find something that they do.

Of course, our approach to selling should be appropriate, empathetic and recognise the challenges our clients are facing right now. But shouldn’t it always? Finding solutions that customers value underpins long-term, positive client relationships. If that’s the way you operate at the moment, why would you change?

And if it’s not, then use this opportunity to learn a new approach.

So keep on selling, or more to the point, keep on finding valuable propositions that your customers want to buy.