We’re delighted to be working together as a Network Partner with The Chairman’s Network. Personally, I have know Caroline Hayward for the best part of a decade and had the pleasure of speaking at and attending Chairman’s Network events in the past and of referring members and sponsors. That’s because I really believe in what The Chairman’s Network is doing and the value on offer to members. And because our business is rooted in advocating for strong and powerful professional relationships.

I look forward to meeting you at Chairman’s Network events going forward and having the opportunity to develop strong relationships with as many fellow Chairman’s Network members as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to look around the site as you are here. In particular, you may be interested in:

Shifting Position – a blog that outlines the work I do

Our blog archive

Our podcast archive

What I can do for you.


You can also subscribe to three-weekly professional relationships tips, videos and advice through the form on the Home Page.

I would also like to invite you to take the Professional Relationships Assessment. It’s just 15 questions and will take you less than five minutes to complete. You can find out where you’re strong and effective at building professional relationships and where you might want to focus some attention.

And feel free to disagree with the outcome and raise it with me when we meet online!

Kind regards