The A-Z of Networking. R is for… (part 1)

The most effective new source of business in most circumstances, particularly for high value, high margin products or services.
Strong referrals have only been passed when someone needs what you offer, they’re interested in having a conversation and they are expecting your call.
Great networkers focus as much, if not more, on the referrals they can pass as the ones they seek to receive.

Not as powerful as a referral simply because you lack control. When people recommend your services to others you have a high chance of converting the opportunity into business – if the other party calls you.
Otherwise you may as well sit and wait for the phone to ring.

R is also for…

Show that you do what you promise to do. One of the central planks of developing relationships founded on trust.

So much deeper when people are reliable! Strong networks are founded on deep relationships, always think of the long term opportunities to support each other rather than short-term wins.

Recognise Opportunities
Be very clear about what help, support or introductions you are looking for to enable others to recognise opportunities to help you.

Never expect it from others but always look to give back to your network wherever you can.

Being Realistic
Understand how other people can help you and make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Will what you are saying resonate both with the people talking about you and those to whom they are speaking?

Without this, no-one will refer. Keep your reputation in mind in the way you interact with others online and face-to-face.

Results / Return on Investment
Network with intent. Understand exactly what your network can do for you and how you will measure the success of your activity.

Tools such as LinkedIn make it so much easier than ever before to find out about our network, the people to whom they are connected and the people we want to connect with.