Networking in Ninety Minutes – Double CD


Networking in Ninety Minutes' can show you how to transform the way in which you do business, maximising the opportunities that present themselves.
It takes those relationship building skills, the host of networking opportunities, both online and face to face, and the power of existing connections and shows you how to convert all of this into solid, money-in-the-bank new business.

What do you get?

This CD set shows you:

  1.  how to set clear, focused goals from your networking and make sure you are in the right place at the right time. We will show you how to avoid wasting time, resources and money on networking that isn’t effective and detracts from the rest of your business.

  2.  demonstrates how to measure a financial return from your networking. Treating it as a vital business tool with a demonstrable return on investment. Not as a desperate attempt to boost a business without clarity, focus… or results.

  3.  lays out a clear formula to help you generate more and more referrals from your existing clients.

  4.  highlights the people who should be referring you but aren’t, because you haven’t thought of them as referral sources. It will also show you how to ensure those people are happy to refer you.

  5.  helps you get your message right so that the people who know, like and trust you understand which doors you need opened, and how they can help.

Disc 1: How to increase the return on your networking investment
Disc 2: How to grow your business by increasing your referrals