Leveraging the Power of your Network – Online Learning Programme


The ultimate course to learn how to implement an effective referrals strategy.

Includes: videos, articles and exercises on key areas, plus a copy of the Referral Book ©.

What do you get?

Referrals provide by far the most effective means of generating new business. Many businesses however, lack a focus and a strategy that works and the discipline to keep it in place.

  • Offers a clarification of what distinguishes referrals from other types of connection
  • Explores the most effective techniques and methods to generate referrals
  • Offers effective planning to find the right people and the right support for your referrals strategy

A referral strategy….Why?

  1. Know your prospect
  2. What is a referral?
  3.  Trust, Understanding, Opportunity
  4. Who is in your network?
  5. Do your homework
  6. A sticky message
  7. Inspire to refer!
  8. The Referral Book ©