Boosting Your Visibility: Anna Parker Naples. Episode 59

In this edition of The Connected Leadership Podcast Andy Lopata interviews Anna Parker Naples, author of ‘Get Visible’, ‘Podcast With Impact’ and the podcast challenge on FaceBook. They discuss the rapid growth of the medium linked to the need to connect.

Anna views a podcast as attraction marketing, sharing and building trust. It is also important to share vulnerability as this creates connections and professional relationships underpin executive success. Are podcasts the new websites giving leaders within an industry more visibility? Anna finishes with her podcasting top tips.

Anna Parker Naples: author of ‘Get Visible’ and ‘Podcast With Impact’. Anna also runs a podcast challenge on Facebook and advises new podcasters.

Professional Relationships with Anna Parker Naples. Episode 60.

Anna Parker Naples talks about the professional relationships that influenced her career in this edition of the podcast. Anna had a strategic focus towards mastermind groups where she received support and peer group mentoring. These groups helped her to develop and and by knowing exactly what support she needed she was able to benefit from their knowledge. The setting of boundaries was sometimes a challenge in managing client relationships.

Anna recommended ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron and ‘The Five Second Rule’ by Mel Robbins. She also talks about the importance of the self-discipline she needed to write her own books.