Professional Relationships for the Solo Worker with Rebecca Seal. Episode 57

In a fascinating conversation with Rebecca Seal, journalist, food critic and author of ‘Solo – How to Work Alone and Not Lose Your Mind’, Andy Lopata explores with Rebecca how to cope with the psychological difficulties of being by yourself. They look at the mental challenge of solitude and strategies for creating an environment of discipline and boundaries that are successful. Working from home can be very rewarding if certain rules are followed.  Having dedicated spaces for work and home life; a transitional ritual, closing down at the end of the work day and therefore symbolically allowing your work day to end. Rebecca and Andy also discuss the importance of managing  both personal and professional relationships with care.  Social media and food are also discussed.

Cookbooks to Corporates: Rebecca Seal. Episode 58

Following his first interview with journalist, television presenter,food writer and critic, Rebecca Seal, Andy Lopata asks Rebecca about the impact of professional relationships on her career. Rebecca talks specifically about three people; the editor who taught her in the early stage of her journalistic career; the PR for restaurants who was a silent mentor, gently pushing her when she was a freelance writer to gain her first regular client. Her agent for many years who always believed in her.  Looking at professional relationships that have gone wrong, Rebecca talks about projecting very high expectations on people and putting them under too much pressure. Creating stress leads to letting people down.


Marking the boundaries

Personal relationships

Social media


“I have to connect with the people that I care about because I am helping them not just me. So I have a postit note on both my computers saying ‘call my friends’


Here are the books that Rebecca Seal recommended: