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Keynote talks
Small groups
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Networking is not just about sales. Individuals, teams and organisations can develop networks for lead generation, to break down internal silos, stimulate innovation, gain promotion, recruit and retain top staff, and develop future leaders.

In short, Andy Lopata will help you develop a networking strategy that generates tangible benefits for your needs.

His insights can be delivered in whichever way suits you. To find out more, please select the appropriate tab.

Keynote talks

You can book Andy to deliver a keynote talk that helps people develop their networking strategy.

Although he varies the content every time, according to your audience, here are some recent talk titles, to give you an idea:

  • Make the Room Work for You
  • Leveraging the Power of your Network
  • How to use LinkedIn as a Referral Tool
  • The Wisdom of the Crowd
  • Bigger than you: The Hidden Power of your Network
  • How to Find a Sponsor, Without Even Asking

Small groups

Whether working with a small group on an ongoing basis, or through individual one-to-one sessions, Andy will guide and mentor participants to devise their own tailored networking strategy that will really get results.

You’ll get the chance to discuss your goals, assess your actions and challenges to date, and arrive at new ideas.

Not only that, but Andy will also give you the tools that help you measure the outcome so you can track success.

Online learning

Andy’s online programme Introduction to Networking comprises 11 modules to help you implement a networking strategy that guarantees a return on your investment.

Modules include:

1. An Introduction to Networking
2. Who is in Your Network?
3. Building Relationships
4. Networking to Become Better Known
5. Networking to Become Better Equipped
6. How Can Your Network Support You?
7. Networking to Become Better Equipped
8. Conferences, Networking Events and Online Support
9. Networking to Become Better Connected
10. Finding the Right Networks for You
11. Your Personal Networking Plan


Learn more about referral strategy when you read Andy’s books (or order them for your people, as an optional add-on to any other service).

His third book, Recommended: How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals goes into the details of developing an effective referrals strategy and has been highly rated on Amazon and Goodreads.


    Andy, thanks again for making our Balance HK event a huge success. The audience gave you their undivided attention and you could hear a pin drop when you were speaking. I have never witnessed that before, with a room of 170+ people!

    I worked with Andy at our recent internal Sales Conference in Barcelona. We face the challenge of extending our network, both internally within our own company but also within our client organisations and generating business through referrals.

    Andy came highly recommended from other industry experts and guest speakers and from the first phone call he has been great to do with business with.

    Andy is an expert public speaker – engaging, clearly delivering key messaging and interactive throughout. What most impressed me about Andy is his preparation and attention to detail both before and after the event. Andy offered a tailored approach, aligning his experience and advice based on the needs of Brother.

    I would certainly endorse Andy as someone who is easy to work with, very professional and personable, and ultimately someone that delivers results.

    As an international speaker on the topic of LinkedIn, I often have the privilege of sharing the stage with amazing Speakers. Business networking and referral marketing have always been a key part of my strategy for building my own business and are topics very close to my heart.

    I introduced Andy to one of my corporate clients to deliver a keynote on the subject of referrals, and he did not disappoint! His delivery to a multilingual audience, from over 20 countries in Barcelona was well paced and easy to understand. His topic and steps to achieving success in the area of referrals through your network were well delivered, inspiring and highly practical.

    In addition to being a GREAT speaker, Andy walks the talk, he lives and breathes his subject. He is a genuinely lovely individual, highly knowledgeable and someone that I am learning a great deal from, both on stage and off. Andy is highly professional and the feedback from my client was fantastic. Thanks for making me look great Andy, and for delivering exactly what my client was looking for.

    Maggie Suttie, Chair Balance Network - HSBC Hong Kong

    Stephen Dickenson, Commercial Manager - Brother International Europe

    Sam Rathling, LinkedIn Expert, CEO - Linked Inbound

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