Business leaders regularly refer to their people as their most important resource and most of the challenges faced by organisations or individuals can be overcome more easily with the support of a strong network. A network of people who have the experience, expertise and insight to provide solutions and support. Powerful professional relationships underpin executive success, both within a leader’s role and for their overall career development. Sadly, many leave their relationships, inside and outside their organisation, to luck or instinct and rarely take a thoughtful, focused and strategic view of them.

The principles in the book ‘Connected Leadership’ are designed to help readers build, nurture and leverage their professional relationships and they are applicable to leaders at all stages of their career. But theory is one thing, how do you ensure that you can apply these principles in practice?

In Autumn 2020 we are launching the first ‘Connected Leadership Mentoring Programme’. This is a new six-month group mentoring programme for leaders who want to tap into their professional relationships to help them to achieve their role or career objectives. Details on how it will work are in the following video:


After completing the application on the next page and being accepted, each participant/group will have a short briefing call first to agree objectives and engagement terms. We aim to recruit people from different levels of leadership, different sectors and with different aims to create a broad spectrum of experiences for everyone to learn from.

Participants will commit to journaling regularly, sharing their challenges, successes and questions on at least a weekly basis. We will also agree metrics in advance to plot our progress and success.

Three places on the programme will be gifted to people from disadvantaged communities who will undergo the same journey.

The cost will be a reduced fee of £2,500 plus vat per mentee slot, with a surcharge of £500 plus vat for each additional participant – in other words, two mentees working together would pay £3,000 plus vat, three would pay £3,500 plus vat).

The intention is to share some of the stories from this pilot programme in a book to be published late in 2021 or early in 2022.

If you would like to apply for the programme and arrange a 15 minute discovery call, please complete this form.